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Think carefully before representing yourself!

Laws, rules and procedures can be hard to understand.  Go to Court knowing what a Judge wants and needs to hear to understand why your position is “fair and equitable or reasonable”. Know the best way to present your pro se (self-representation) case. 

Jim Johnson is a lawyer that works with people filing for divorce themselves.

Pay what you can for un-bundled (meaning hiring an attorney for specific legal tasks while representing yourself) legal services.

At at an hourly rate of $200.00, attorney Jim Johnson will review your case and your documentation with you (step-by step) to help you realistically approach the Court with your reasonable request on an advice only basis. He will not be entering an appearance or be listed as your “attorney” on legal paperwork.  This is a by-the-hour legal service arrangement.

Beware of Free Advice From Friends!

Everyone who has been through a divorce or any type of legal case (or had a friend or relative recently go through a case) will want to give you helpful advice.  Unless they are a licensed Arkansas attorney, practicing family law please do not make any legal decisions based on information given to you by a non-attorney. This includes receiving advice from people who work for attorneys but are not attorneys themselves. Every single case is different. What your next door neighbor “won” may be very different in your case.

How Pay as You Go Legal Help Works.

If you are facing a legal problem because you have been served with legal papers or are planning to file a legal action yourself visit Jim Johnson to learn about the process and have him, on an hourly basis, review and prepare your paperwork and motions before you submit any paperwork to the Court. Of course, not every person's legal situation lends itself to self-help law. If you have a complex or uncommon legal matter, if you are caught up in a criminal issue, or if you are not sure you can manage any part of the legal process on your own, you should hire an attorney. 

Free 30 Minute Consultation

Jim Johnson offers a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your matter and  depending on the type of case, will tell you what to expect, and the cost of his legal services.

Legal Issues You May Be Able to Handle on Your Own

You may be able to handle an uncontested matter, such as divorce, paternity, guardianship, step-parent adoption, contracts, real estate, evictions, and other legal matters with the help of an attorney.  What you need is to talk to someone who cares and who is knowledgeable of the court’s requirements and is able to walk you through the process one step at a time.  It is difficult to put a price value on the service Do-It-Yourself Legal provides. Many of us have watched the countless credit cards ads about “priceless” and that is what you will say about Do-It-Yourself Legal.

Business Law:



    Limited Liability Company

Civil Law:

    Credit Card Collections


    Contract Disputes

    Land Disputes


Family Law:







    Grandparent’s Rights



    Small Estate Probate Proceedings

Real Estate:


     Selling Your Property

     Offer and Acceptance




Personal Injury:

    Auto Accidents

    Dealing with Adjusters

Other services

Help with Service of Process

Notary Services