Legal Issues You May Be Able to Handle on Your Own

You may be able to handle an uncontested matter, such as divorce, paternity, guardianship, step-parent adoption, contracts, real estate, evictions, and other legal matters with the help of an attorney.  What you need is  knowledge of the court’s requirements and someone able to walk you through the process one step at a time.  It is difficult to put a price value on the service Do-It-Yourself Legal provides. Many of us have watched the countless credit cards ads about “priceless” and that is what you will say about Do-It-Yourself Legal.  The following are uncontested Do It Yourself matters you can do in Arkansas:

Family Law:  $250 to $500


    Modify Custody

    Modify Visitation




    Grandparent’s Rights

Business Law:  $200 to  $500



    Limited Liability Company

Probate:  $200


    Small Estate Probate Proceedings

Real Estate:  $100 to $500


     Selling Your Property

     Offer and Acceptance




Beware of Free Advice From Friends!

Everyone who has been through a divorce or any type of legal case (or had a friend or relative recently go through a case) will want to give you helpful advice.  Unless they are a licensed Arkansas attorney, practicing family law please do not make any legal decisions based on information given to you by a non-attorney. This includes receiving advice from people who work for attorneys but are not attorneys themselves. Every single case is different. What your next door neighbor “won” may be very different in your case.

Think carefully before representing yourself!

Laws, rules and procedures can be hard to understand.  You need to go to Court knowing what a Judge wants and needs to hear to understand why your position is “fair and equitable or reasonable”.