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Don’t know if you can afford an attorney?  Find out for free with no obligation.  Hiring an attorney is not necessary for all legal procedures, which is why Jim Johnson provides a free legal consultation.  Once he is informed as to your situation, he can advise you as to whether your legal situation requires an attorney and what it will cost to hire an attorney.   Jim Johnson’s office provides affordable payment methods and plans.

During your free consultation, Jim Johnson will go over with you the facts of your legal situation and the possible outcome for your situation.  You will have the benefit and knowledge of an attorney with 30 years experience at no cost to you.  You are under no obligation to hire Mr. Johnson; however, he will discuss his fees and payment options available for you case.

The benefit of hiring Jim Johnson is the one-on-one relationship.  As a result, you will have a highly personal relationship with your attorney and will not be just another case number.

There are many types of legal issues that might require a lawyer's help. You may consider hiring a lawyer if you have suffered an injury, are thinking about starting a business, or are having custody or visitation issues. Lawyers can help with legal problems after they come up but consulting a lawyer before a legal issue arises can help you anticipate and prevent serious legal problems.

Some common situations where assistance from a lawyer may be necessary include:

    An accident involving personal injury or property damage.

    A family problem such as divorce or a child custody dispute.

    A family member is in need of a guardian.

    A family member wishes to adopt a child.

    The sale or purchase of a home, real estate, or a business.

    The formation or incorporation of a business.

    The drafting of a will, trust, or estate plan.


Jim Johnson will assess your legal issue and can tell you at the outset whether it is worth your while to obtain legal assistance and/or pursue legal action. If you are unlikely to prevail, or if the benefits of obtaining legal assistance do not clearly outweigh the costs, you will not need to incur unnecessary time and expense. If legal action or assistance is necessary, Jim Johnson will evaluate your situation with you, explain your options and what to expect, and will take any action necessary to ensure that your legal rights are fully assessed and protected.